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An API that gets out of your way

See how turning a light on only requires a few lines of code with your favorite language.

curl -X PUT http://api.lelylan.com/devices/<light-id>/properties \
     -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     -d '{ "properties": [{ "id": "<status-id>", "value": "on" }] }'
var Lelylan = require('lelylan-node')({ token: token });
var params  = { properties: [{ id: '<status-id>', value: 'on' }] };
Lelylan.Device.properties('<light-id>', params, callback);
<div ng-app="lelylan">
  <!-- login component here (dev.lelylan.com/api/oauth#implicit-grant-angular) -->
  <div ng-controller="LelylanController">{{device}}</div>
    function LelylanController($scope, Device) {
      var params = { properties: [{ id: '<status-id>', value: 'on' }] };
      Device.properties('<light-id>', parmas).
        success(function(data) { $scope.device = data })
lelylan = Lelylan::Client.new(token: token)
params = { properties: [{ id: '<status-id>', value: 'on' }] };
device = lelylan.device_properties('<light-id>', params)
from lelylan import oauth, devices
params = { properties: [{ id: '<status-id>', value: 'on' }] }
device = update_dev_prop('<light-id>', params)

A smart cross-device dashboard

A beautiful, customizable, open source, realtime dashboard to control all of your devices. It recognizes the connected devices and gives you the needed UI to control them without writing one line of code.



Works with any hardware

Create connected products using the hardware you are most familiar with.


Create, connect, control

With Lelylan you can connect any product to the internet in a matter of minutes. Simply add the code enabling the communication between Lelylan and your hardware and you are done. We give to your business all the tools you need to sell your next connected product right now.


Sound awesome? We think so.

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