An API that gets out of your way

See how turning a light on only requires a few lines of code with your favorite language.

curl -X PUT http://api.lelylan.com/devices/<light-id>/properties \
     -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     -d '{ "properties": [{ "id": "<status>", "value": "on" }] }'
var Lelylan = require('lelylan-node')({ token: token });
var params  = { properties: [{ id: '<status>', value: 'on' }] };
Lelylan.Device.properties('<light-id>', params, callback);
<div ng-app="lelylan">
  <!-- login component here (dev.lelylan.com/api/oauth#implicit-grant-angular) -->
  <div ng-controller="LelylanController">{{device}}</div>
    function LelylanController($scope, Device) {
      var params = { id: '<light-id>', properties: [{ id: '<status>', value: 'on' }] };
      $scope.device = new Device(params);
lelylan = Lelylan::Client.new(token: token)
params = { properties: [{ id: '<status>', value: 'on' }] };
device = lelylan.device_properties('<light-id>', params)
from lelylan import oauth, devices
params = { properties: [{ id: '<status>', value: 'on' }] }
device = update_dev_prop('<light-id>', params)

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The perfect partner for
Makers, Designers and Kickstarters

With Lelylan you focus on the hardware and on the design process. We do the rest by making it easy to connect your devices to the web and by giving you a complete set of Apps ready to use.

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A new tool for
Web Developers

Lelylan offers an open API for the connected home. Whether or not you want to build an app for web, mobile, voice, glasses, etc. Lelylan offers everything you need to get started in minutes.

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A place to
Improve the Connected Home

Lelylan is made up from collaborations. We want to create a group of people that wants to challenge the connected home by hacking the existing hardware and by solving challenges the connected home offers today.

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