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(March 2015 ) A short overview of Lelylan value proposition at EEWeb


An API that gets out of your way

See how turning a light on only requires a few lines of code with your favorite language. We offer wrappers in AngularJS, Ruby, Node.js, Python, Android and iOS.

curl -X PUT http://api.lelylan.com/devices/<light-id>/properties \
     -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     -d '{ "properties": [{ "id": "<status-id>", "value": "on" }] }'
var Lelylan = require('lelylan-node')({ token: token });
var params  = { properties: [{ id: '<status-id>', value: 'on' }] };
Lelylan.Device.properties('<light-id>', params, callback);
<div ng-app="lelylan">
  <!-- login component here (dev.lelylan.com/api/oauth#implicit-grant-angular) -->
  <div ng-controller="LelylanController">{{device}}</div>
    function LelylanController($scope, Device) {
      var params = { properties: [{ id: '<status-id>', value: 'on' }] };
      Device.properties('<light-id>', parmas).
        success(function(data) { $scope.device = data })
lelylan = Lelylan::Client.new(token: token)
params = { properties: [{ id: '<status-id>', value: 'on' }] };
device = lelylan.device_properties('<light-id>', params)
from lelylan import oauth, devices
params = { properties: [{ id: '<status-id>', value: 'on' }] }
device = update_dev_prop('<light-id>', params)

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Works with any hardware

Create connected products using the hardware you are most familiar with. We already tested different solutions like Arduino Yun, Raspberry Pi, Electric Imp, Spark Core, Netduino, Texas Instruments CC3000/CC3200 and more are on the way.


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A smart cross-device dashboard

A beautiful, customizable, open source, realtime dashboard to control all of your devices. Based on Web Components it's perfect to create white label solutions working on mobile, tablet or desktop.


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Create, Connect, Control

With Lelylan you can connect any product to the internet in a matter of minutes. Add the code enabling the communication between Lelylan and your hardware and control the physical world from mobile, tablet and desktop. You can get started in 15 minutes.


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Sound awesome? We think so.

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